Everything you eat has an optimum time!

Did you know that you can actually optimize the food you eat everyday? Eating right is important, yes. But imagine this, by just adjusting and getting the timing right, you can gain more out of the meals you eat. Here are some of the commonly consumed fruits and vegetables that, if eaten at the right time, can prove to be more beneficial.


Apple – Have an apple with your breakfast meal. Not only does it help to keep the doctor away, it also helps to wake you up. It contains pectin which lowers blood sugar and cholesterol levels. At night, however, keep away from them. They are hard to digest at night and can cause stomach acid.

Potatoes – These are the good carbs you must have but in the right amounts at breakfast. The starch present in potatoes lowers cholesterol and is rich in minerals. However, if you have it at dinner, its higher calories can lead to weight gain.

Tomatoes – If you have tomatoes at breakfast, they improve digestion and increase metabolism, but can cause stomach swelling if consumed at dinner.

Dark chocolate – Well, you didn’t see this one coming, did you? Well, if you have dark chocolate just after you wake up, not only will it improve your mood, but also provide anti-oxidants which reduces aging & risk of heart diseases. If you snack on these though, it will lead to fat gain.

Figs & Apricots – These precious fruits boost metabolism and warm up the digestive system but can lead to indigestion and gas troubles if you have it at night.

Cheese – Whoever said cheese will make you fat, did not have it for breakfast. When consumed in moderation, cheese actually helps in preventing weight gain and bloating. However, binging on cheese for dinner can lead to indigestion and fat gain.


Bananas – These fruits are not just your go-to potassium sources. Bananas for lunch strengthen your immune system and improve skin. If consumed at dinner it can increase mucus formation and disturb digestion.

Nuts -Most of all dried nuts are great sources of nutrients. If consumed at lunch, they lower blood pressure risk but can lead to weight gain at dinner time.

Rice – Since metabolism is higher during the day, consuming rice is good for lunch because then you have the rest of the day to use up the carbohydrates. However, if you settle for rice at dinner it can lead to weight gain.


Oranges – The best course of vitamin C, oranges improve digestion and increases metabolism if you snack on them. However, they can cause stomach irritation and gastritis if consumed at breakfast.


Milk – Rich in calcium, warm milk soothes the body and helps in getting a good night’s sleep. If consumed in the morning, milk can be heavy to digest if you don’t indulge in a lot of physical activity.