What is the deal with organic food?

Before we answer why should we opt for organic, we should first know what defines a particular food item as organic. Organic food is that which is free from synthetic chemicals, genetically engineered materials, sewage sludge or irradiation.

Organic fruits have more antioxidants and can retain most of the nutritive properties of the natural fruit. They not only taste better but also last longer in the fridge.

Organic vegetables have similar properties as that of organic fruits. They, too, have a higher nutritional value. They are devoid of artificial colors and extraneously injected growth hormones. Organic vegetables are grown in a natural manner and are always better for consumption.

Whole grains, including brown rice, millet, barley, quinoa , buckwheat, rye, wheat bran, when grown organically, have a higher fibre content in them. So indulge in your quinoa salads, brown rice biryanis and rye bread as much as you want! Recommended for being one of the best sources of carbohydrates, these organic whole grains help you keep a check on your weight. They also improve your immune system, the nervous system, the digestive system, lower blood pressure and keep your cholesterol in check.

Organic meat and poultry are the best sources of unadulterated protein. Organic meat and poultry provide good quality source and feed on organic food and grass. Thus, making them good for health.  These are animals that are not under any kind of duress or confined 100% of the time and are raised without any antibiotics and growth hormones.

Now to answer why one should choose organic over any other method of production. As we have already established, organic food has higher nutritional value. Since they are not dependent on pesticides, the plants develop better resistance against bugs. All the pesticide present, even in trace amounts, can lead to a lot of complications: ranging from regular headaches to birth defects.

Growing food and produce organically has proven to be great for the environment. The groundwater that feeds plants, our own taps and water systems are not spoilt. The topsoil is not contaminated or eroded. Animals that feed on plants do not get toxicity in their own bodies. Not only that, organic food tastes so much better! Once you have tasted organically grown food, you can taste the difference between those produced naturally and those that use pesticides.  The former has higher levels of antioxidants which improve the organoleptic qualities: taste, smell, and even the texture.

So, next time you go shopping for your daily grocery, keep these in mind. Switch to organic. Eat healthy, eat right!